Why Purchasing Fine Art Goes Beyond Filling The Space In Your Wall

Buying fine art cannot be compared to buying new furniture for the home. Making a choice is much more complicated because you have to research for information to gain the best value for the money paid. The stakes are quite high when it comes to art because you do not want the guests to deliver disparaging comments about your choice.


Your guests certainly do not expect to find a Picasso hanging in the walls of your living room. But of course, there are so many reproductions and copies of his famous paintings. At first glance, The Three Musicians looks like a collage but it is actually an oil painting that Picasso made in 1921. Buying an authentic Picasso painting for your art collection can heavily damage your pockets, but there are other prized acquisitions that will reflect on your good taste.

The first thing you should learn when buying fine art is to look beyond the potential for future profits. You have to fall in love with a painting or sculpture that you will not mind paying thousands of dollars to add it to your art collection. Since fine art has to be appreciated and enjoyed, consider where you want it displayed. Do you prefer the privacy of the master bedroom or would you rather display the masterpiece for everyone to enjoy?

There is an array of art professionals who will help in the choice from art dealers, curators and auctioneers. There is also the internet where you can always search for relevant data regarding a piece of art that has caught your eye. Always remember that the piece of art you choose will be a resident in your home for years; make sure that you are willing to stare at the painting everyday of your life. It has to make you feel relaxed after a difficult day or provide you with inspiration whenever you need one.

There are plenty of reasons why you should do business with Parniani’s Fine Art. You will be assisted by experts in building your art collection. Once you have grown bored with a particular piece, it can be sold to active buyers who have a space in their walls for a remarkable piece of art.

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