What You May Need To Create Illustrated Maps

As a neophyte, you have to explore to create new panoramic images using the techniques of stitched panoramic photography. If you learn this simple technique, you’ll be able to derive unique images that really capture the grandeur of all the sights you have seen. You can even create illustrated maps to make memories of such wondrous vacation, and here’s how to create one:

  • Camera

A camera, be it an ordinary digital or film camera, may be required for this venture. Certainly, if you have a better quality of camera, you’ll surely produce better quality pictures; hence you can create a finished panorama with better quality. Based on what you have captured you can create illustrated maps of the locations you have been to.

  • Scanner

If you have a film camera, you can scan first your prints, slides or negatives to convert them into computer files. You can simply use a scanner or have a local photo lab do it for you. Most labs can scan the pictures and keep them in a CD-ROM. They can also develop and print your film for a certain price too.

  • Computer

You need a computer or laptop with at least 512 MB RAM running on Pentium III or a higher processor. If you prefer a Macintosh version, ensure it is 512 MB RAM running on Mac PowerPC G4 or higher.

  • Software

To stitch the images together, you need a software package. The ArcSoft Panorama Maker is highly recommended for beginners as it’s cheap, easy to use and does wonderful jobs. You can even download the software for a 15-days free trial. This then will be easier for you to design and style illustrated maps using the captured images.

  • Printer

Obviously, as you have designed your panoramas, you’ll likely want to print them and show the finished product. You can even frame and hang them on the wall. If you want to print a photo, you can do it yourself with fairly small size prints. There are also printers that use wide panoramic format papers. If you prefer a bigger size of print, then take it to a local photo lab.

So this is all you’ll ever need when designing a panoramic illustrated maps using the images you captured.

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