What To Pack For Family Yacht Charter

When a yacht is chartered, it is usually stocked with all the basic necessities like life jackets, navigational equipment and a fully functional dinghy with a lock and cable. Some charters also provide food for the trip which is ordered ahead of time. However, there other essential things that you might want to bring for the sailing trip to ensure your comfort during the whole experience.

Navigational tools are very important because you will be in the wide open seas for a certain period of time. Expert skippers depend on navigational tools even though there are stars that guide the way. Handheld VHF is very common but since the introduction of mobile phones, sailors have started to download navigational apps.

Waterproof bags are essential so that you can store your flashlight and spare batteries safely. You might want to bring along some binoculars so that you watch the whales and dolphins playing in the waters. It is suggested to have a variation of the waterproof bags because you can use them for packing your clothing, food, towels and fishing equipment.

When you charter a boat, the skipper usually drops anchor in a beach so that you will have the chance to swim or sunbathe. Since swimming and sunbathing are typical of sailing trips, do not forget to bring towels, sunscreen, clothespins for hanging your bathing suits, sunglasses and snorkelling equipment.

The amount of clothes that you should pack for a sailing trip will depend on how long you plan to stay in the waters. You certainly cannot do laundry while at sea. It is suggested to bring extra t-shirts, underpants and your personal toiletries. Don’t forget the flip-flops, rain gear and waterproof jacket because it might get cold at night. Bring bottles of mineral water to ensure you are hydrated during the duration of the trip.

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