What To Look For In A Car Rental Company For Your Holiday Needs At Chania

If it is your first time to visit Chania or the island of Crete, then you should rent a vehicle at Flisvos to better explore and enjoy the beauty of the place.  The first thing that you may want to do is visit their website. That will help you gather as many information as possible to help you decide whether to rent or not and what type of vehicle would you be renting. Here are other points to consider when hiring a car.

  1. Authorization from a Reputable Organization

One of the things that you may want to determine is the reputation of the company that you would be spending your money on. When you check their website, look for accreditation or authorization by dependable organizations or body. For instance, Flisvos is authorized to operate by the Greek Tourism Organization. If you want to confirm the validity of this claim, you can call the said organization for verification.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

The way a company values their customers say so much about what you can expect from their services. Notice how the car rental company responds to your queries. Are the Flisvos Tours customer service representatives polite and patient in responding to your questions? Do they provide comprehensive answers? These are some of the indicators that will give you a hint if you will be happy with the service you will get from the agency. If you sent an email, take note of the lead time of their response. If it took them 2 days to answer a simple query, you can easily surmise that they are sloppy.

  1. Reliable Contact Information

The last thing you want is booking and paying for a vehicle reservation in Chania and arriving at the airport with no rented vehicle waiting for you. At Flisvos Tours, you are guaranteed to get what you have exactly reserved for and even more. You can contact them in many ways. They have fully functional telephone and fax numbers and an email address for you to get in touch with. They also have a physical address that you can visit should you need any assistance.


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