What To Ask Your Potential Wedding Planner?

After you have been engaged, you might be pumped with excitement and you start planning and doing a checklist for your big day. You might be able to keep up this excitement for a few weeks until things started to look blurry and you are overloaded with so much to do. This is the time when you have to decide with your partner if you need to hire a wedding planner. There are different services that you can choose from when hiring a wedding planner. You can hire someone who will do full service for your wedding, a day of coordinator or a planner that will be hired to help you look for vendors and wedding venues only.

You might be wary do the additional cost for hiring a wedding planner but the fact is that you will be able to save in the long run. Not to mention that you have extra time in your hands and you get to relax during the wedding planning months. Before interviewing your potential wedding coordinator, you should talk to your partner about your budget, the number of guests coming to the wedding, the wedding date you both want and your vision on your big day.

During the interview process, here are important questions you should ask your wedding planner:

  • Are you free on our wedding date? If availability is not a problem, ask about potential issues that might arise with regards to the date such as weather travel and booking.
  • What motivated you to become a wedding planner?
  • Tell us about the most challenging wedding you have handled and how did it go.
  • Rate your skills when it comes to problem solving and communication.
  • Do you have a professional certificate as a wedding planner? Where did you get it and tell us about your educational background.
  • Are you a part of wedding associations? If yes, are you required to submit requirement every year?
  • How long have you been a wedding planner and have you been issued with business license?
  • How many weddings have you been a part of as wedding consultant in Sydney and when is the last wedding you had planned?

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