Using The Social Media To Increase Insurance Sales

Whether we like it or not, the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, has becoming more and more essential to human life to the point that almost all human beings who can operate a smartphone or a tablet now have their own social media accounts. This is owing to the fact that people have seen what social media can do for them and how they can use it even more to gain more than just friends, likes and comments for their posts whether it’s what’s going on inside their minds or a picture of them with their special someone. In addition to this, the emergence of the social media has paved new ways for various businesses to upgrade their marketing strategies to be able to keep their respective clients engaged. You see, these businesses have now come to realize that they can reach a larger number of potential clients only if they properly employ social media marketing practices to be able to increase their sales numbers especially if you are working in the insurance industry. You see, selling insurance policies is not as simple as selling pancakes. It’s much more complicated than most people know it. That’s why most insurance sales agents are miserably struggling to increase insurance sales because of the fact that buying an insurance policy means the buyer will need to produce a big amount of money monthly to pay for the monthly premiums.


As mentioned above, the social media has become an alternative means for sales agents of all sorts to do their sales and marketing duties. In fact, even sales agents from the insurance have been to capitalize on the benefits of using social media to be able to increase insurance sales. Below are some tips on how to properly use the social media to ensure that your sales number will increase in no time:

  • This is among the first things a sales agent must do bef Determine where your potential clients are in the social media. Then, create your own account and make yourself familiar with the rules and etiquettes that are enforced in the specific social media page.
  • Don’t do the usual selling practices when you’re in the social media because it walks away from the purpose of the social media itself which is to nurture a community. Be social. Use the social media to interact with different people around the world and build professional relationships.

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