Unlimited Shopping Experience In Bangkok

When Bangkok becomes the topic of a conversation, what immediately comes to mind is street food; however, the capital city of Thailand is also a shopper’s paradise. Beyond the abundance of shopping malls that sell affordable clothing and accessories, there are also local markets offering almost the same merchandise.

If you are currently billeted in a hotel in Sukhumvit, some shopping malls are within walking distance; however, you also have the option to try the tuk-tuk for a unique experience. In Bangkok, you will find cheap bargains as long as you are willing to suffer the heat in the market.

Chatuchak Market or JJ Market is open during mornings from Friday to Sunday. From Silom, it will take you 30 minutes to reach JJ Market by taxi. Fare is approximately 200 Baht. You can also take the MRT or BTS to Chatuchak Park. The discounts are worth the inconvenience of travel and suffering the stuffy and hot market.

The drawback however, it is the overwhelming amount of choices making it rather daunting to pick the best. Decide before you buy but make sure you do not leave the stall otherwise you may never find it again. Even if you think that a bag is cheap, do not be ashamed to haggle to get the best price.

If you prefer a well ventilated shopping mall, try Union Mall where merchandise is cheap but has better quality. You will find great items which you can bring home as souvenirs for family and friends. Rod Fai Market is most likely further from your hotel in Sukhumvit but you can take a taxi and pay 300 baht. The interior is quite cool and you will find rows upon rows of tents offering an assortment of items. After you are done with shopping, you can fall in line at the food stall selling noodles.

A good experience awaits you at 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit. Aside from the convenience of the location where you have easy access to the airport, public transport, shopping malls and entertainment, the guest rooms feature all the modern amenities that you are used to.

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