Types Of Oak Cabinets For Bathrooms

Bathroom cabinets are available in a lot of models to suit the design themes of different homes. These cabinets are available in different materials like stainless steel, aluminum, wooden and glass cabinets.

The most preferred wood cabinets are oak bathroom cabinets. Oak cabinets are expensive because most of them are imported. The long durability and less maintenance required for oak furniture, makes it a wise investment. Oak cabinets integrate very easily with other design elements in the room and give a clean contemporary look. These cabinets are strong and can bear weight. Oak cabinets look better with age and are relatively scratch and stain resistant.

There are different models available in oak bathroom cabinets like:

  • Independent wall hanging cabinet – This type of cabinet is suitable for small bathrooms. The cabinet is small and has space for everyday essentials.  This wall hanging cabinet makes the bathroom appear bigger by freeing up the tile space, which can be used for other purposes. I prefer to match this cabinet with a mirrored cupboard on top with open racks.
  • Double door cabinet – This type of cabinet is comparatively big with two doors. It is suitable for master bathrooms with large space. These cabinets provide aesthetic look to your bathroom. They provide enough space to store all your toiletries and bathroom linen.
  • Two door, two drawer cabinets – These cabinets are big and are suitable for large bathrooms. They have two doors and two drawers to organize all your essentials neatly. The drawers can be used for toiletries, while the cupboard can be used for towels and linen.
  • Double sink modular vanity units – This type of cabinet is very big and generally suitable for places which have large bathrooms. The vanity unit has two under mount sinks with a cabinet below. These modular units have a mix of doors and drawers and look very stylish.

These are the major categories in oak bathroom cabinets. Apart from them, there are many other cabinets and vanity units like corner units for very small bathrooms and mirrored cabinets. The choice of cabinet depends upon the size of the bathroom, the overall décor and the budget.

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