Transform Your Kid’s Bedroom Into A Fairytale Sanctuary


Kids beds have powerful effects on the overall ambiance of kids’ bedrooms. Parents need to be innovative and creative to make their children’s room remarkable and functional.

The mood of the bedroom should reflect the needs and preferences of the child. If your daughter loves anything related to fairytales, she would be delighted if her room speaks of a fairy tale. Perhaps all little girls love to be a princess and live in their own castle. A parent can grant her little princess’ fantasy by turning her room into a bedroom fit for a princess. The sound of a princess bedroom can be overwhelming but there is no need to worry because there are plenty of resources available.

Use these ideas to get your creative juices flowing; you might be surprised on how the room will turn out.

Color plan for a princess bedroom

A pink base color may sound way too common but the color really speaks of a princess theme. The color is also easy to work with since plenty of girls’ stuff come in shades of pink. Hues of purple and blue also go well with the royal theme. It is best however to ask what the kid wants.

If you do not want to do the paintings you have other options which are easier to do. You can use fairy tale themed wall papers and decors. There is no need to worry about messing up the room because most of the wall papers are self-adhesive. The kids can help out in putting up wall murals and stickers.

Choosing the appropriate furniture

The bed is the most important furniture of the bedroom. It can make or break the room’s overall bearing.

It is sensible to choose furniture which matches the room’s color. White is a safe color since it blends well with any shades. Maximize space by opting for a bed with built-in drawers. A head board with a castle motif will really add up to the royal touch.

Vanity tables, closets, chairs and dressers are other essential parts of the room. To make sure they go with the theme, simple touches like laces and stickers will do.

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