Transferring Photos To Wood And Fabric At Home

Sometimes, it is nice to add some personality to your room. It doesn’t need to be expensive and hard. With DIY crafts, it is made free and easy for you to decorate a room.

There is a solvent image transfer project which may be applied to a lot of materials like wood and fabric.

Solvent image transfer process

This process requires making use of a subject in a printed material, dissolving it through the use of chemicals, then transferring this image to a different surface. This can be transferred to a lot of materials, but for this guide, we will transfer it to wood and fabric.

The supplies to prepare

• A mirrored or reversed print of an image
• Wood or cotton fabric
• 100% acetone (nail polish remover)
• Cotton
• Tape
• Plastic card like a credit card
• Ruler

Steps to follow

You can make use of any image you want. You can opt to print illustrations, quotes or your own design. Just be sure to mirror or reverse this image before printing it.

Step 1

Print your chosen image, while ensuring that this is mirrored or reversed. For the ink to transfer better, increase the saturation of the image or make it darker. Make use of a laser printer, if possible, for that toner based ink.

Lay the image down on the wood or cotton fabric. You can tape one side down to keep this in place. With a cotton ball, saturate the print’s backside using acetone.

Step 2

Using the plastic card, rub the print’s backside back and forth using enough and even pressure so as not to rip the print.

Note that the ink is going to transfer better if the area is saturated using acetone, so this means you are going to re-saturate every now and then when the acetone dries out.

Step 3

Carefully peel the paper to check the transfer. Depending on your satisfaction, you can peel the whole paper to reveal the transferred image.

Step 4

When transferring an image to wood, use a clear coat spray to seal it.

When transferring Photos on Canvas or fabric, put the fabric inside the dryer, as heat is going to let the ink settle to it.

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