Tourist Attractions And Entertainment Options On Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit is one of most popular locality in Bangkok. The road is one of the longest roads in the world that extends for almost 400 kilometres. The road starts at the heart of the city and has a number of soi’s with tons of tourist attractions along with restaurants, bars and shopping malls.

Shopping is one of the popular attractions in Sukhumvit. Stay at the Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit and explore the busy street shopping markets that sell everything from replicas of designer wear to souvenirs and fashion accessories at low prices or visit an upscale mall like Terminal 21 or Emporium to buy high quality designer wear.

There are a number of museums along the road. Visitors to the city can stay at the Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit and plan a visit to these museums that introduce the visitors to the traditional Thai life in the midst of the busiest street in the city. Some of the famous museums on the Sukhumvit road worth visiting are Kamthieng House Museum, Museum of Thai Pharmacy, national Science Centre for Education and Thailand Creative and Design Centre.

Benjasiri and Benjakiti are two parks on Sukhumvit road that provide green spaces for the tourists. The BenjasiriParkis planned around a dancing water fountain and a pond. The beautiful park is home to some of the finest displays of Thai sculpture. BenjakitiPark is another popular park in the area. The park is built around Lake Ratchada and hosts live music performances during celebrations and special events. Visitors can cycle around the park or enjoy boating in the clean water.

The busy road completely transforms itself during the night. Sukhumvit road has a number of cool pubs and restaurants that serve delicious Thai delicacies and international cuisines. The upscale restaurants in Sukhumvit provide the perfect ambience to enjoy the nightlife of the city. Sukhumvit is also home to some of the best rooftop bars in the city that provide stunning views of the city skyline.

The presence of a number of entertainment and shopping options and the good connectivity to the other parts of the city are the main reasons I choose to stay at the Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, whenever I visit the city.

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