Tips When Installing Glass Shower Screens To Avoid Leaks

A shower screen is not just a practical necessity; it is great way to provide the bathroom with style. There are a wide range of shower screens available in the market but the best is the frameless glass shower screen that perfectly matches with modern and traditional tastes. Instead of using shower curtains that have to be changed frequently due to wear and tear, opt for glass that has been treated for additional strength and safety.

Installing a glass shower enclosure is simple and easy for the professional contractors but not for DIY enthusiasts. The installation process of the shower screen requires pre-planning to ensure a tight and perfect fit that will not allow water to ruin the beauty of the bathroom tiles.

It makes sense to determine the position of the showerhead to minimize leak. The showerhead must not face the shower screens but the wall or fixed panels to contain water inside the enclosure. If the showerhead is positioned facing the shower door, no matter how tight the fit of the glass, there is a very likely chance for water to leak into the bathroom floor.

Professional glass shower screen installers understand the different elements they have to deal like managing the gaps between the glass and the wall. There are instances when filler is needed between the glass and the buttress wall. To install glass shower screens, clear silicone is often used; however, remember that the setting process will take at least 24 hours otherwise moisture will not be locked inside the shower space.

Another method of preventing leaks is to use solid piece of tile, marble or granite for the curb top. Grout is a less expensive option but there is a tendency for water to collect on the grout joints which can result into mold infestation. Plumbing pipes and electrical wiring have to be avoided if holes will be punctured on the walls.

When tempered glass is used for bath shower screens, the barrier between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom is removed. It seems like there is no screen at all which generates an illusion of more space.

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