Tips When Hiring A Limousine For Your Wedding

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I had the experience of working with Limousine Royalty when I was looking for wedding transport that is elegant and sophisticated. In terms of luxury transport for a wedding, nothing beats the grandeur of a stretch limousine not unless you can afford to charter a helicopter to bring you to church. That would be the ultimate in luxury, however, lets us get back to something that is more affordable for a normal individual.

A wedding is one of the most memorable days our life and it is only right to choose a limousine that will make it even more special. Hiring a limo is not actually luxurious. What is luxurious is if you buy a stretch limo just to have a comfortable and elegant transport for a wedding.

There are ways to rent a limo that will suit your budget. If have not yet set a date for wedding, do so when it is not the peak season for prom nights. During promo season, there is more demand than supply of limousines which jacks up the rental price. If you reserve the limo 6 to 9 months in advance, you get to choose the limo of your dreams from the fleet.

Rental for the standard sized limo is cheaper than a stretch limo. However, the larger limos have the capability to seat at least 12 persons in their formal wedding clothes. Take note that the wedding dress particularly the length of the train will occupy a large portion of the seats. A stretch limo will be more comfortable and it has extra amenities like wireless internet connections, state-of-the-art sound systems and television screens.

Limousine rental will also depend on how long you need the car. Are you going to rent the limo for 3 hours or for the entire evening? The minimum limousine package is 3 hours and the rental company will charge you extra for overtime if you exceed the terms of the package. Make sure to have a rough estimate on how long you will require transport. Don’t forget that the wedding party including the guests will be excited to have their photographs with the limousine on the background.

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