Tips To Lower Wholesale Hair Extensions Cost

Buying wholesale hair extensions alone can already provide saving opportunities for buyers like you. However, if you can lower your overall expenses even more that would be better. To achieve that, you might want to consider the following wholesale buying suggestions.

Search for free delivery

One way to save on your total expenses for hair extensions is by looking for wholesalers or even manufacturers that offer free delivery to their customers. You will get an even more chance of getting free delivery on your purchases, or paying at least, for a minimal fee if you will buy from a wholesaler in your vicinity or nearby area. As an idea, look for wholesale hair extensions suppliers near you to get better chances of having free delivery for your items.

Look for excellent customer deals

Aside from targeting wholesale suppliers that offer free delivery, you should also check for customer-friendly deals offered by wholesalers. One of these is money back guarantee. This way, even if you do not get further discount or a totally free delivery fee, at least you are guaranteed that your money is protected and you can have it back if you are not satisfied with the products or if the wholesaler fails to deliver the purchases during their indicated time. When buying items, look for product warranty as well, especially for pricey items like virgin hair extensions that can reach for up to $2,500 along with the application costs. You should also look at the return or refund policy of the wholesaler to ensure that you can return the products if you are not satisfied with them.


To further lower the cost of buying wholesale hair extensions, negotiate with the wholesaler to give you an even lower price since you are going to buy related products. Wholesaler’s price may already be low but it can still get lower because the price they would give to their customers is still marked up for their profit. However, with a good negotiation skill, they just might slice up their mark up a bit and give you that good discount.


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