Tips In Renting A Wedding Marquee In Perth

If you are dreaming of an outdoor party, the right marquee will transform any location and can create the perfect ambiance for your wedding day. Here are the things that you should take into consideration when renting a marquee in Perth:

There are three basic marquee styles available for rent – pole, frame and tension. The traditional push-pull marquee comes with a fabric roof and centre poles that are high and assembled in straight line which slopes down in order to meet the shorter poles which acts as support. The tension tent is one of the most popular options for brides as well as vendors because of the high centre poles that feature a sculpted outside look. The minimum width of both types is 30 feet and extensions can be added for additional space. These two also needs a clearance space for set up of about 8 more feet. This is to give enough space for the stakes and rope anchors.

If your wedding venue has a limited space, you should pick a frame tent because it is available in as small as 10 feet. This type of tent is only ideal for small number of guests. If you wanted to have an open air ceremony, make sure that you have a back up tent available in case the weather turns bad.

Most prefer their marquee, no matter the style, to have sidewalls so it can be rolled up in case ventilation is needed and it can be rolled down too if wind or rain needs to be kept out. If you prefer to have privacy, a solid white vinyl material is perfect while clear vinyl makes you viewable from the outside.

The last thing you should consider when hiring a Marquee in Perth is the flooring. There are three options to choose from – plain ground, full floor and partial floor reserved for dancing. Using the ground as is could be the cheapest alternative but the guests might not be comfortable walking on it with heels and it can get dirty in case of rain.


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