The Top-Rated Attractions In Pattaya

Pattaya, which is located in Thailand, is just less than 200 kilometres from the capital Bangkok. It is a very convenient place for Thai locals and tourists to enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

However, there is more to Pattaya than just its popular Jomtien Beach. Read on to check its top-rated attractions.

The top-rated attractions in Pattaya

 Nong Nooch

Nong Nooch’s 2.4 square kilometres has stunning landscaped gardens, flowers and displays in Thailand. This includes a 17th century French styled garden, topiary displays with bonsais, cacti and palms, and a Stonehenge recreation.

Sanctuary of Truth

This has been billed as the “magnificence of heaven recreated on Earth.” This huge building has its every available space decorated with wood carvings. The whole structure pays homage to the ancient philosophies and religions. In the sanctuary, there are also cultural shows, Thai boxing, horseback riding, etc.

Wat Yansangwararam

Like every impressive wat in Thailand, this offers an insight to Thai design, architectural traditions and even society’s values. This temple was a dedication to the 42nd year reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1988. The shrine of Wat Yansangwararam is located on a hill, which can be reached after 299 steps.

Four Regions Floating Market

This is the first and also the only floating market in the area. This gives the chance for guests to experience how locals live and to enjoy a Thai fare. There is also an option to go on boat rides, visit rice fields and the traditional Thai houses, or stop by the kite museum.


To enjoy that quality time in markets, you can head to Naklua. Head over during early morning for the fish market, or during the evening for its night market. This is away from central Pattaya’s crowds.


Aside from all of these attractions offered by Pattaya, it also has numerous accommodations to cater to its tourists and guests. You can easily choose from different suite rooms in Pattaya or a private villa for that ultimate luxury. Truly, you are going to enjoy your stay here in Pattaya!


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