The Different Types Of File Cabinets

There are many benefits to having file cabinets in the office. Filing Cabinets help with keeping things organized. These are where important documents and papers are kept, all in a single place that is easy to access.

There are various choices for file cabinets. Keep reading to know about the different types.

Metal file cabinets

A lot of people choose these metal file cabinets as traditional office furniture. They are very durable and last a long time when properly maintained. Before, they were only available in black, grey or tan. Now, they have evolved over the years and are already available in vibrant colors.


Wooden file cabinets

Wooden file cabinets are of the same function as metal cabinets. They are just as durable, too. They also protect important documents. Additionally, they come in many colors. To make an office atmosphere more welcoming, warm cherry wood is great. To add a modern look to an office, dark or espresso-colored wood is a good choice.


Wicker file cabinets

Although not as sturdy compared to metal or wooden file cabinets, wicker file cabinets are useful pieces. Their frames are normally metallic with their basket or tray made of wicker. They are used for aesthetic purposes, mostly. They bring a laidback atmosphere and are seldom used in a professional office. They are mostly used at homes.


Rolling file cabinets

Rolling file cabinets are good for short term storage. They lack the hard shell found in metal cabinets, but they still keep those documents safe. They are perfect when you need to move some files to a different room when making copies or doing presentations.


Vertical file cabinets

Vertical file cabinets are tall and their slender frames make it easy to store documents in a corner. Most of them have 3 or more drawers.


Lateral file cabinets

Lateral file cabinets, also known as horizontal file cabinets, have wide drawers used in storing oddly shaped documents. They can store more than vertical file cabinets.



Now that you are equipped with the information regarding the types of Filing Cabinets, you can already choose one that best suits your office furniture or storage style.

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