The Choice Between A High-Rise Or Low-Rise Condo In Bangkok


Do you intend to buy a condo unit to match your lifestyle? Will you choose a high-rise or a low-rise condo unit?

Condo units are very much preferred by people due to their proximity to the MRT or BTS in Bangkok, aside from them being of minimal maintenance.

There are multiple considerations to note like price, design, materials and even promotions. Other factors also include the facilities like a gym or fitness center, swimming pool, security and so on.

Aside from those mentioned above, you may also want to consider the condo’s height, if it’s high rise or low-rise. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Read on to see which is the right fit for you.

The pros of high-rise condos

1. Lifestyle convenience: Most of the high-rise condos are usually positioned on primary roads and close to MRT or BTS train stations. Since land prices are greater on primary roads, developers build tall condos with many units.2.

2.Great view: When you live on a high floor, you are guaranteed a stunning view. There are high-rise condos that  offer views of the city center or the Chao Phraya River.



3. Design features: Large buildings have more height which give these high-rise condos luxury, liability and quaintness.

4. Large facilities: Since many people stay in these high-rise condos, bigger facilities, like gym, pool or spa, are built.



The pros of low-rise condos

1. More peace and better privacy: The low-rise condos are great especially when you want to come home after a hard day’s work to find peace and a private atmosphere. Normally, neighbors have the same behaviors.

2. Security and lesser worry about disasters: Because of the smaller areas, the security is well covered. In case of disasters, like earthquake or fire, panic is lesser. It is also easier to get out of the building.

3. Real lifestyle living: The low-rise condos provide a feeling like living in a house, since they have lesser levels and barriers. Aside from this, most have bigger unit sizes, and you can design your own living space.



4. Renting and selling: They can be rented and sold easier than high-rise units because of lesser competitors in a similar project.


With the numerous condos for sale in Bangkok, choosing between a high-rise or low-rise condo is still a personal preference. In the end, factors to consider prior to making a final decision include location, convenience, investment or rental potential, and contentment

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