The Best Places To Sail In The World

Sailing isn’t what most people think it is; which is an expensive past time that only rich people can enjoy. For the most part, it can be costly but also affordable and the benefits that one would get from it are definitely worth it. If you are just starting out with sailing, then here are the best places for you to sail on.

  1. British Virgin Islands
  • The British Virgin Islands is every sailor’s fantasy. There you would find steady trade winds and tame currents along with some of the world’s most protected bays. The British Virgin Islands consists of about 40 islands and countless of anchorages. These islands are one of the easiest places to sail and are perfect for beginners. That is why numerous tourists and visitors flock to the BVIs. Also, you will be treated to a stunning view and scenery.
  1. Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  • There is no doubt that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world and the Bay of Islands is a testament to this. With waters that reflect the glory of the skies coupled with white sand beaches, most sailors would find it hard to leave this place.
  1. Zanzibar
  • The experience of travelling to Zanzibar will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life as you will get to take a journey to the past. You will get a glimpse of ancient Persian kingdoms, Ancient India and the sultans and caliphs of Oman. Furthermore, Zanzibar offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world so better not miss a chance to travel to Zanzibar.
  1. Croatia
  • This small nation has been considered as the ‘new Greece,’ the ‘new French Riviera,’ and this is all because Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Croatia is the perfect place for sailors. With 1178 km coast and about 1185 islands, sailors would be having a field day on this place.

These are only some of the best sailing hotspots that you can visit but the world is large and full of exciting places that you can visit. So whether you are just a beginner who wants to learn to sail holidays, or has been sailing for a number of years as a past time, be sure to visit the places mentioned above.

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