Thailand’s Golf Tourism – A Resilient Industry Amongst Many Other Tourism Market In The Country

Barely three months ago, were bombs detonated in popular resorts in Phuket and Hua Hin on successive dates. It inevitably raised concern and panic, especially among the hospitality and tourism sector. But most importantly they are worried that it will stain the beautiful image of the country as a crowd puller among tourists. After all, Thailand has consistently attracted millions of tourists on a yearly basis, and consistently for decades now. Many golfers that were in the area on a Golf Tour were worried when the incident happened, but organizers in several golf club in Thailand were professional and quick to appease them.

It was a short-lived anxiety and within a few days, there was business as usual, even in the tourism industry. Thailand gets 10,000 golfers per year just from one gold tourism organizer alone. The catch? ‘Golf in a Kingdom’, a golf trail so elite that links the country’s top courses together. A total of seven of these golf club in Thailand, particularly in Hua Hin and Chiang Mai are linked together in ‘Golf in a Kingdom’.

When the bombing incident happened, the golfers just went on golfing. They were assured that the golf course is the safest place at that point, which is true, as the security was tight. The golfers stuck to their golf itineraries because the staff in the golf tour industry were all very professional and reassuring. Aside from the golf tour staff, there was immediate action from the authorities as well. Nothing is more reassuring than the authorities making it feel safe and sound, as per a tourist visiting from Australia. Justin Brown who is from Melbourne also added that if he had visited Thailand few days after the bombing and nobody told him about it, he wouldn’t have noticed such an incident have happened as the police were doing a great job. Paul Dean, who was from Perth, also agreed with Brown. Mark Siegel, an American who moved to Thailand in 2005 and owned a golf tour business, said that in the last decade that he stayed in Thailand, he noticed that the people are always resilient and quick to shrug off unfortunate events to move on. The country set itself a steep goal of 33 million Tourist visit for 2016, and as of this writing, the Tourism Authority of Thailand said they are still on track to meet the projection.


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