Spending The Day Enjoying The Tropical Paradise Of Phuket

Phuket is one the more popular islands of Thailand that was actually developed with tourism in mind. The island is indeed very popular among tourists who want to enjoy and relax in a tropical paradise with miles and miles of sandy beaches and plenty of opportunities for different water activities. In spite of the reputation for its boisterous nightlife, Phuket remains to be on top of the minds of people booking for holiday travel packages.

Before Phuket established a name in the global tourist industry, it was a major trading route between India and China as well as a major Portuguese trading post that is why it is not surprising to find a combination of colonial and Chinese architecture with Sino-Portuguese inspired mansions. Overlooking the stunning waters of the Andaman Sea are luxurious property developments nestled on the hills with private gardens for those who seek serenity and luxury.

It is not the nightlife of Phuket that is main attraction to visitors but its stunning natural beauty. It is very easy to enjoy nightlife anywhere. Phuket offers more than what is posted in travel catalogues and reviews; it is an island paradise with an unlimited span of sandy beaches, turquoise waters, interesting rock formations and colorful Buddhist temples.

Another reason to visit Phuket is a trip to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands particularly the Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley where the “The Beach” was filmed. Who will forget Leonardo DiCaprio as he plays the role of Richard seeking adventure on a pristine and uninhabited island? You can spend the day island-hopping in Phi Phi islands or go snorkeling on the coral reefs.

If water activities are not your thing, you can visit each of the 29 Buddhist Temples most of which are decorated in red and gold with ornate spires. Some of the temples are places of healing; do not miss the opportunity to try traditional healing magic.

Located along the stretch of coastline is Luxury Seaview Development in Phuket where you will enjoy the finest views of the waters. The modern homes are built with privacy in mind so that you relaxation will not be compromised by noise and revelry.

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