Silent Skyline

If you live anywhere in the area or stay in a hotel near Nana BTS, you’ll see how hectic it can be sometimes. Passengers scrambling to board or get out of the train, the sounds of the vehicles passing by below; it’s the typical metropolis soundtrack. The nights are little quieter, what with this being Bangkok after all. To top it all off, Nana is located precisely in the nexus of Bangkok nightlife. Nana Plaza isn’t that far off, you could walk to it, actually.

Occasionally, however, the noise is dispersed, and silence takes over, if only for a brief time. If you can’t tell, this image was during one of those times. It was fairly early, not a lot of people yet. The skytrain was still a little way off, I had some time for myself. Glancing around to take in my surroundings, I looked to the skyline and saw how clear it was. Everything was still, silent. Serene. Relatively speaking, of course, there were cars driving down the road below, but I digress.

It was nice, a breath of fresh air in the humdrum of daily life in Bangkok. The energy the city always exuded seem to disappear for a moment, and I felt different. When the skytrain finally arrived, I stepped on board, my footsteps a little lighter than what they usually are. As the skytrain finally accelerated, the noise of the train did little to pierce the mental veil of that silence.

Something hit me, though. As nice as the silence was, it felt weird to me. Rather it felt weird that it was here. This was Bangkok, as lively under the sunshine as it was under moonlight. When I stepped off the train, I realized that I wouldn’t be here in Bangkok for long, and I decided to let the ruckus back in. The sounds of cars, the hum of Thai streets, everything.

I enjoyed the silence, without a doubt, but I wouldn’t change Bangkok. It was what it was. But, I think, it’s important to slow everything down, drown it all out every once in a while. And, I head back to my hotel near Nana BTS, I plan to let the silence in again. This time with a cup of hot chocolate.

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