Reducing The Carbon Footprints Of Your Home Through Solar Panels

Solar panels in Brisbane are a collection of photovoltaic cells that work together to convert sunlight into electricity. The solar panels work by allowing the particles of light to knock the electrons free from the atoms to generate a source of electricity. Solar panels that can be found in roofs of homes and buildings promise to be an alternative source of energy to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel.

The technology of solar panels is similar to solar cells that you find in calculators. Solar powered calculators do not use batteries but they work effectively as long as there is sunlight. Aside from calculators, you will also find emergency road signs, call boxes, buoys and parking lots that are powered by sunlight.

On a bright sunny day, approximately 1,000 watts of energy per square meter is generated by the sun’s rays. If all of the energy generated is collected, it is enough to provide power to homes and businesses. On a warm sunny day, the solar panels will be able to generate more energy than what a typical family can consume. Instead of drawing power from the grid to run the air conditioner, a family can use the energy drawn through the solar panels.

In the tropical countries, there is no problem regarding the amount of sunlight that the solar panels can collect. However, in areas that are mostly cloudy, solar panels can still indirectly draw energy from the sun’s rays. Cloudy days can still produce about 10 to 20 percent of the power that can be generated on a sunny day.

Annual energy costs can run to thousands of dollars annually. These costs can be reduced if not eliminated through the installation of solar panels on the roof. Energy savings from the solar panels are long term and can easily recover the initial costs of investment and installation.

There is a growing demand for electricians who can install solar panels in Brisbane because homeowners are gradually realizing the benefits that can be achieved. Professional electricians install and maintain the solar panels to ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible. Electricians will also advise on the proper positioning, design and size of the solar power system.

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