Perfect Time Of The Year To Enjoy The Beaches Of Thailand

Tourists love Thai food; shopping and floating markets but one of the main reasons why Thailand is on top of every visitor’s list is the beaches. Most of the beaches are stunningly beautiful with safe swimming throughout the year. Aside from sunbathing that is easily one of the most popular tourist activities, a visitor can enjoy snorkeling and beach volleyball.

Since Thailand is situated in the tropical zone, the weather varies from warm, cool and rainy. You will never experience winter in Thailand even during December or January; absolutely no snow. Summer is very hot with temperatures reaching mid 30’s. Humidity levels are quite high but perfect for frolicking in the waters. However, if you feel that the beach is too warm for comfort, you can sleep during the day and spend the night at one of the clubs or bars around Phuket. There are rooftop bars where you can enjoy partying until early morning and beach clubs that offer highly potent cocktails.

The coolest season in Thailand is from November to February after the rainy season is over. This is actually the season when tourists all over the world flock to Thailand to enjoy what it offers in terms of entertainment. It is also the season considered to be the most ideal for sunbathing. However, do not forget to put sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

Peak tourist season has its advantages for local vendors and tourist spots because of tourism-related revenue. If you are a tourist, you have to compete with other visitors for a place to sunbathe at the beach. You have to stand in line for your turn at the food stalls. Prices of everything are also adjusted to take advantage of the influx of tourists. A peaceful time to visit is between the middle of May until October when tourist spots are not so crowded and prices are cheaper.

If you want to enjoy the best experience of a lifetime, make the effort to plan properly. There are many available options offered by Thailand Tour packages but while some are fantastic, others are not so exciting. Search for information before you make a decision.

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