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Best Luxury Hotel In Bangkok

Bangkok offers a large number of budget hotels that can be found right on its streets. Pair them with cheap eateries and a massage that only cost $3. But if you are searching for a more sophisticated, luxurious accommodation, search for offers that only the best luxury hotel in Bangkok can provide. All you need to do is do a little research and try out places you think will provide comfort in a luxurious way. You can narrow down the search through the three best luxury hotels in the area.

  • Amari Watergate Bangkok

You will need Amari Watergate if you are searching for the best hotels in Bangkok. It’s a shopper’s paradise located in the heart of Bangkok. Here you can visit the Central World and Platinum Fashion Mall, one of the best malls in the country. The BTS Train is just a walking distance so you can tour the whole city.

You can also venture for food and dining in the nearby Amaya Food Gallery. They serve typical international cuisine that can satisfy your hungry stomachs. You can also venture into Bangkok’s street food market, which are cheaper than the ones found near the hotel. In here, you will surely fall in love with the food.

  • Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

This best luxury hotel in Bangkok is situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It provides you a peaceful experience in the middle of Bangkok. For added convenience, the hotel operates a regular boat service to various places near the river. You can also enjoy various activities like swimming, tennis and fitness classes. You can also try the spa, which is the best in the world. This will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

  • Hotel Muse Bangkok

This hotel will surely take you back to the early 1920s with sophistication and style. It’s amenities like the swimming pool, fitness centre and tanning salon will make you experience the comforts of Bangkok. You can also engage in sports like golf. Why not improve your cooking skills by engaging in Thai cooking lessons!

These three hotels are actually the best of the best in Bangkok. You can either try any of the best luxury hotel in Bangkok for a wonderful experience.

Important Things To Consider When Staying At Patong Beach Hotel

Let’s face it, we all want to enjoy our respective vacation to the fullest because first and foremost, it allows us to recharge our body, especially our muscles which are usually tired to the hectic schedules that we have these days. In fact, taking a vacation especially if it’s at a Patong beach hotel which will give you a Thai kind of a vacation experience, is one of the healthiest and most recommended methods to let our body heal and get rid of the stress that our mind is facing on a daily basis. In addition to this, taking your well-deserved vacation enables you to explore new places you haven’t been to, learn about a new culture in the place that you’re planning to visit and most importantly, taste the local delicacies in the area. Although going on a vacation especially with your family is one of the happiest things you can do in this life, you also have to keep in mind that going on a vacation can be expensive too and can burn a big hole in someone’s wallet especially if it’s not planned properly beforehand, to avoid getting your vacation ruined by unwanted circumstances, below are some of the things you should consider when going on a vacation:

  • First things first. One of the most important things any vacationist should consider is the budget that he is willing to spend during the entire duration of his vacation whether it’s at a luxury Patong beach hotel in Phuket, Thailand or, some beach resort in the Philippines for example. The budget will dictate how much you can only spend on certain things to make sure that budget will last until your vacation is over.
  • The location of the hotel or resort where you will be staying is another thing that you must definitely consider when planning a vacation. The location will also determine the budget hat you’ll be spending for transportation costs especially if it’s in another country and will require you to take multiple transportations just to get to the place itself. In addition to this, it’s important that you consider a location that has a nice weather during your chosen dates for you to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Fun Lovers Guide In Yangon, Myanmar

If you are planning to visit Yangon in Burma soon, you need to prepare your visa and travel ticket. There are many hotels in Yangon Burma to choose from as for the accommodation. The only thing left to do is to prepare an itinerary that will ensure that you will have a fun-filled holiday in the beautiful country of Burma. Here are the top places you shouldn’t miss when visiting.

  • Shwedagon Pagoda. This is the most vital site for religious locals in not just Yangon but the entire Burma. The highest part of the pagoda reaches up to 99 meters. Due to the height of the golden chedi, it can be viewed wherever you may be in the city. it is one of the most well preserved monument in the country because it serves as a religious site for Buddhist that are residing in the city.
  • Local Market. This is one thing you should not miss if you want to try fresh ingredients. You will be able to witness the everyday life of the locals and experience their local delicacies. Out of the many fresh markets available all over Yangon, the most notable is located in Street 26 known as Thein GyiMarket which is just in front of the Shri Kali Temple.
  • Bogyoke Aung San Market. This is more popularly known as Scott Market. It was founded in 1926 and the concept of the market is copied from the colonial period when the British were in the area. This is one of the markets that is commonly flocked by tourist thus the prices can be high compared to others but the best thing about this market is that tourists can find the best jewelry, souvenirs, handicrafts, fabric and dresses made by Burmese locals as well as artworks.
  • Sule Pagoda. Also one of the religious pagodas in Yangon with a long history. This is used as a navigational landmark because no matter what road you take while roaming around the downtown area but it all leads back to Sule Pagoda. The surrounding area is where many government establishments are located and it is also where one can find the terminal for buses. If you want to have a closer encounter with the pagoda, there is an entrance fee of $3. If you want to be close to this site, choose hotels in Yangon Burma that are close to the downtown area.

Using The Social Media To Increase Insurance Sales

Whether we like it or not, the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, has becoming more and more essential to human life to the point that almost all human beings who can operate a smartphone or a tablet now have their own social media accounts. This is owing to the fact that people have seen what social media can do for them and how they can use it even more to gain more than just friends, likes and comments for their posts whether it’s what’s going on inside their minds or a picture of them with their special someone. In addition to this, the emergence of the social media has paved new ways for various businesses to upgrade their marketing strategies to be able to keep their respective clients engaged. You see, these businesses have now come to realize that they can reach a larger number of potential clients only if they properly employ social media marketing practices to be able to increase their sales numbers especially if you are working in the insurance industry. You see, selling insurance policies is not as simple as selling pancakes. It’s much more complicated than most people know it. That’s why most insurance sales agents are miserably struggling to increase insurance sales because of the fact that buying an insurance policy means the buyer will need to produce a big amount of money monthly to pay for the monthly premiums.


As mentioned above, the social media has become an alternative means for sales agents of all sorts to do their sales and marketing duties. In fact, even sales agents from the insurance have been to capitalize on the benefits of using social media to be able to increase insurance sales. Below are some tips on how to properly use the social media to ensure that your sales number will increase in no time:

  • This is among the first things a sales agent must do bef Determine where your potential clients are in the social media. Then, create your own account and make yourself familiar with the rules and etiquettes that are enforced in the specific social media page.
  • Don’t do the usual selling practices when you’re in the social media because it walks away from the purpose of the social media itself which is to nurture a community. Be social. Use the social media to interact with different people around the world and build professional relationships.

Guide For Your Thailand Wedding

One of the leading spot when it comes to destination wedding is the country of Thailand. There are beautiful beaches that are highlighted every sun set and green landscapes that makes the entire country a wonder to behold. It is no wonder why many couples from overseas are dreaming about having their own wedding in Thailand. There are many places in Thailand to choose from but one of the most well-known are the Phuket wedding resorts. These are places that have been designed to hold wedding ceremonies and they cater to the event in a special way.

When deciding the wedding date, you should discuss with your couple about the seasons in Thailand. While the country is a tropical one, there are months where in the monsoon prevails. If you are envisioning a wedding with the clearest sky and the bluest ocean, it is best to avoid booking your wedding during the low season. This happens between May and October wherein the weather is mostly gloomy. High season is distinguished from the month of November until February. The good thing about low season is that wedding packages are cheaper but you need to prepare yourself with an indoor wedding in case the weather happens to be not so good.

While it is a good thing to be able to have your wedding in Thailand, it is also important that the couple is aware of the culture and history of the country. They must familiarize themselves with wedding etiquettes that are observed by the locals. This is also a good way to discover something new and they might decide to incorporate some of these traditional marriage rites.

The internet is a big help when it comes to preparing for your wedding while you are still busy at work overseas. You will be able to conduct research and look for the venue and suppliers online but nothing beats seeing everything in real life. Thus it is recommended that you visit Phuket wedding resorts and see them in actual before deciding on your final venue. This will put your mind and heart at ease as you have seen the actual place and met with the vendors personally.

Tips In Hiring A Wedding Caterer

If you want your wedding feast to be the best, you need to choose among the best wedding caterers in Sydney that will be able to deliver what you want within your budget. How do you find a wedding caterer? Here are some tips:

  • The first thing you should do is to find one. You can ask for referrals from friends you know who recently got married.
  • You can also search online for local wedding caterers in Sydney. The best websites to look for are wedding websites in your local area as they have directories of the wedding caterers.
  • If your venue is in a hotel of or country clubs or even large facilities, chances are they have their own wedding caterers they contact for every event. You don’t have to find one but choose among their list of professional caterers.
  • You can also try your favourite restaurant and ask if they are catering for a wedding. If they do not cater, they may be able to suggests other restaurants that does catering for wedding events.
  • Other wedding suppliers you have such as the designer, florists or photographers may know a good company that does catering especially if they have been working in the industry for quite a while.
  • As you make an appointment, it would be ideal to have the tastings as well during the interview. While you want your caterer to have a good personality, having a taste of their food is also very important.
  • Upon leaving, do not be contented with having their business card but instead have them write up a summary of the details such as the cost per person, the inclusion of the fees, feasts themes and menu options, service and style in presentations as well as alternatives that will fit your budget.
  • Search for reviews or references online before deciding on a specific company. You should also make sure that you are dealing with legitimate wedding caterers in Sydney so check if they are listed as legal company.

When Is The Right To Book In 5 Star Resort In Kata Beach

Technically, you can just pack your bag, book a flight and travel across the world to book in a 5 star resort in Kata beach, regardless of time or season. However, there is a perfect time for a vacation and your perfect timing will help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Here are some holiday ideas.

During long holiday or breaks

One of the ideal times to set out for a vacation is during long holidays such as Christmas break or extended government sanctioned holidays that falls on a closer to a weekend such as Thursday or Friday. This way, you can stay for a few days in Thailand and experience their pristine beaches. You can also schedule your holiday during semester break or summer vacation so for your kids to come along with you and have an enjoyable holiday by the beach.

Off peak season

Tourist seasons vary from one country to another. In bigger countries or depending on their geographic location, they could have different tourist seasons. In Thailand, their tourist season is from November to February while their low season is during May to October. There are numerous advantages of having your vacation on a low season. For one, the hotel rates are way lower compared to peak season since there are lesser guests in a5 star resort in Kata beach and this could be a perfect opportunity for you to book for a luxury resort for less. Another good thing about boking your holiday during off peak season is that the beaches and resorts including the nearby establishments are less crowded although in Phuket, there are still a lot of tourists even on off peak though their volume is thinner compared to peak seasons.

During summer

Summer season in Thailand is one of the best times to take your family or loved ones on a holiday. However, the place can be crowded so it is best to book for a 5 star resort in Kata beach ahead to ensure that you will have a room accommodation during your target vacation.