Orchid Caring Tips From Thailand Flowers Wholesalers

According to Thailand flowers wholesalers, it is not enough that you bought a set of orchids. What is more important is how you are going to take care of the orchid after it was delivered to you. Here are some important orchid caring tips to ensure that you will have a healthy orchids or plants around the house.

Learn the watering techniques

Orchids differ in terms of water requirements and watering techniques. There are orchids that require less water while there are those that need to water regularly. There are orchids that require to be watered every after few days or up until two weeks. Generally, it would besafe to water an orchid before it runs dry. The speed of orchid drying depends on how much water the orchid consumes including the conditions of your home. If your home is humid, according to Thailand flowers wholesalers, the orchids would need more water.

Understand the importance of potting

Choosing the right pot, potting and repotting are important in order to prevent orchid rotting and decay. As much as possible, use a plastic container to make it easier for you to see the orchid’s roots and its condition. For aesthetics, put the plastic container in a beautiful ceramic or clay pot.

Learn how to fertilize

It is important to know what type of fertilizer is suited to your plant and the amount of fertilizer that you should put in your orchid. Generally, the safest amount of fertilizer is ¼ of the amount recommended or indicated in fertilizer. Use fertilizer every time you water the orchid.

Lighting needs

Any of the Thailand flowers wholesalers would tell you that it is not advisable to place an orchid under direct sunlight. It would be safe to place the orchid behind a curtain in your house to filter the light or place the orchid behind a screen. Most orchids require less sunlight as they can easily get damaged. Ask your source of orchid or the orchid grower how to properly care for orchids. You can also check the internet for more information.

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