More Value For Your Dollar In Thailand

Thailand is one of the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world because there is more value for the dollar. If you are on a budget, the favorable exchange rates will help you enjoy an exciting vacation. However, before you proceed with the travel plans, it is important to make sure that you hit the ground running.

Most if not everybody starts the holiday in Bangkok. Be patient, do not be in rush and allow yourself a day or two to soak up the city’s vibrant environment. Street food is abundant in Bangkok and they are high quality and extremely delicious but it is important to be cautious. Choose the stalls where there are crowds because it means faster turnover and fresher food.

If you plan to shop in Thailand, make sure you are aware that not everything is genuine. You will find the best prices for clothing, souvenirs, bags, etc. but learn to haggle. The first amount that will be quoted by the vendor is not the final price. If you practice your skills at haggling, the price could come down by a third.

If you have travelled the world, you certainly know that there are dishonest people anywhere you go. Thailand is not an exemption which means you always have to be vigilant. Don’t put your trust to strangers. Make sure you agree on a price before you ride the tuk tuk to explore the city. Don’t mind the taxi driver who recommends a better destination because he might be after a commission.

Always respect the culture of the Thais particularly the sacred images of Buddha and the King of Thailand. Make sure to dress appropriately before entering a sacred temple. No tank tops, sleeveless blouses or shorts and no flip flops. Some temples usually allow you to borrow appropriate clothing but of course, somebody else has worn them before you.

Because of Thailand’s flourishing tourism industry, you will never encounter difficulty finding a room. There are hostels and guesthouses for the budget conscious; however, if you are willing to spend more, you can enjoy the best deal at modern 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit that is near public transport.

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