Modern Trends In Kitchen Remodeling Design

The trend for kitchen colors is always changing but white motif remains to be a popular choice to dominate everything from the cabinets to the backsplashes. New options to the standard white include charcoal, gray and neutral pastels like pale blue, tinted whites and pale green gray. Muted greens and blues and sometimes pale yellow pastel are frequently used as accent colors.

Modern ideas for kitchen remodeling project

  1. If you are planning on a hi-tech makeover for the kitchen, make sure to have designated space for smart appliances like steam ovens and built-in coffee machines. Since the 2016 kitchen must focus on convenience, do not forget hidden charging stations and storage for devices like mobile phones and tablets so that they are always available when needed.
  2. To remove the “plastic look” you can opt for mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories and high gloss surfaces that were popular during the 80’s. Metallic finishes always assume a dominant role in kitchen aesthetics and you can use small helpings of metal on the faucets, pendant lights and cabinet pulls.
  3. If you want a kitchen that does not look disconnected from the rest of the home, use a streamlined kitchen design that converges with the primary living space. Traditional kitchen designs will always be a popular choice but homeowners must opt for less fuss and frills to achieve a slightly cleaner feel.
  4. Kitchen designs in the 60’s modern style are more about functionality and simplicity so that white color palettes are predominantly used with light wood textures to clear away any unnecessary clutter.
  5. Instead of relying on ceiling lights and table lamps to provide illumination to the kitchen, an option is extensive cabinet lighting. LED lights are now the trend and when used in recessed lighting, they can easily set a better mood.

Home remodeling magazines are good sources of ideas for your new kitchen design but you also consult with Kitchens in Colorado Spring for the final details. All your questions about the choice of materials and whether they will fit the budget will be answered so that you will be able to estimate the expected costs of the kitchen remodeling project.

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