Mistakes To Avoid When Painting The House

Many homeowners prefer to undertake the painting job instead of hiring professional painters because they want to save on the fees. However, if you want to achieve flawless paint results, paint like a professional not as an amateur.


Do not dive into the project immediately even if you are very excited to try your hand at painting. Buy a quart of paint and try it on a piece of foam board. Move the foam board around the room and see how light will affect color at different times of the day. Do not immediately buy the suggested amount of paint because you might not like the color after it has been applied.

Before you go to the paint store, take exact measurements of the space that you plan to paint. Professional painters usually suggest one gallon of paint for every 400 square feet of space. However, if the surface to be covered is textured or it is rough and unprimed, you will need more paint.

Always sand the walls before applying latex on an oil finish. Wipe away any dust particles before you apply the primer. The primer must be of the same composition as the topcoat. To determine whether the current paint color is water or oil-based, rub it with white cloth that has been doused with rubbing alcohol. If the paint softens and the color transfers to the cloth, the paint is water-based. If no coloris removed, the paint is oil-based.

Paint does not stick too well on walls that are dirty and greasy. Clean them with soap and water; rinse and let dry overnight. If you are going to paint the ceiling, remove all cobwebs and dust. Use an old paint brush to clean baseboards, trim and crown molding before you put the painter’s tape for protection.

After reading all the do’s and don’ts about painting, it is very likely that you lost all your excitement. Painting is not easy but you can achieve a perfect painting job through house painter in Toorak. Let the professional painters do the job; they have the skills and experience to enhance the aesthetics of your home.

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