Making The Choice Between Cremation And Ground Burial

Typical funeral services in Sydney are remarkably similar to those from 50 years ago. The body that is placed in a casket is displayed in the funeral home so that families and friends can pay their last respects. After the viewing, the remains are laid to rest in the cemetery. However, there is now a non-traditional option of cremation that is a more convenient and cost effective process.

Compared to ground burial, cremation is a less expensive option. In 2009, the standard cost of traditional ground burial was $6,560 while the average cost of cremation including service and viewing was $1,280. It is expected for most surviving families to choose cremation particularly when the budget is not enough for the traditional burial.

Even if the remains have been cremated, the ashes can still be buried on the ground. Another option is to keep the ashes in columbaria or transformed into cremation jewellery. While cremation is considered as an environmentally friendly option to avoid further expansion of cemeteries, there is also debate over the harmful fumes that are emitted during the process.

Cremation is usually the option chosen by families that live far from each other. Transportation has become rather expensive preventing most families to arrive immediately for the interment. After the cremation services, the families can decide on the date of the memorial that is most convenient for them to pay their last respects.

On the other hand, religious beliefs often prevent families from opting for cremation. There are instances when the decision becomes the cause for tension and disagreements. Families have to choose on who will bear the responsibility of keeping the urn where the ashes of the deceased were kept. In order to make the right choice, it is important to understand the pros and cons of both cremation and ground burial.

Families are given the choice whether cremation is more practical for them than ground burial. Whatever is the choice, funeral services in Sydney is always willing to provide the necessary support. Funeral directors are always sensitive to the uniqueness of every situation. After all, they have had years of experience in their profession.

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