Importance Of Winterizing The Lawn To Survive Harsh Winters

Winterizing the lawn is very important to keep the lawn in a good shape throughout the winter and have a beautiful lush green lawn, when the warm summer arrives. All types of grasses, warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses need winterizing to cope with the harsh winter conditions.

Winterizing helps to prepare lawn for winter and is a very simple technique. This process does not require any fancy equipment and can be done quite easily at home.

Use a winterizer fertilizer to fertilize the lawn before winter arrives. This fertilizer prepares the lawn to cope with the harsh weather conditions during winters. Spraying this fertilizer, during the fall months helps the grass to supply nutrients to the roots and keep them active throughout the winter. Active roots provide the necessary strength to the plant to survive winters and spring up fresh and green when the spring arrives. The warm weather conditions and the high level of nutrients in the roots, kick up a growth phase that helps the lawn grow thick and lush during the summer months.

Do not step on the frozen grass and stay away from it. Heavy traffic over frozen lawns damages the crown of the blades and leads to emergence of bald spots on the lawn.

Another most followed routine is over seeding the lawn with winter grass. The thick winter grass covers the buff-colored lawn and helps in having a green lawn throughout the winter. These seeds must be sown before the winter arrives, so that the grass grows to optimum height before the cold arrives. These lush winter-season lawns provide a beautiful winter lawn and die-out once the temperatures start getting warmer. This will provide space for your lawn to grow up strong and thick during summers.

Rake off the fallen leaves from the lawn before the first frost. The presence of fallen leaves damages the crowns of the grass and may also cause some fungal infections, which affect the quality of the grass.

These simple steps of winterizing help to prepare lawn for winter in easy technique. They protect your lawn throughout the winter and result in a lush green and thick lawn once the summer arrives.

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