How You Can Perfectly Wrap A Present


So you may have found the perfect black gift box along with all the gift materials required to make the perfect gift. Unfortunately, finding them is one thing, but having to prepare the gift and wrap is a whole other journey. Wrapping presents can be truly difficult, especially for one who is not used to doing it. But when you wrap a present perfectly, it can add a little bit more to the specialness of the gift. Not only will it become presentable, it may even standout.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you in wrapping your present in the most perfect way possible.

Step 1: Remove all the price tags. It’s a common courtesy to remove the price tag when gifting to a person. You do not want the recipient to know that you bought the gift from a thrift store, now would you? Sometimes it can also be quite annoying to have wrapped the gift then realizing you forgot to remove the price tag so make sure to always do this first. If you can’t peel the price tag off, then you can just use a black marker to black out the price.

Step 2: Always put it in a box. There’s nothing better than seeing a perfectly rectangular gift. This would add more to the fun, surprise and mystery element of the gift. Additionally, it can be easier to wrap a gift when it is placed inside a box. If you don’t want to do this for the person, then just do it for yourself.

Step 3: Cut lines. Always mark your cut lines so the wrapper is perfectly cut.

Step 4: Place the box upside down. The position of the box should be in the middle of the wrapping paper. This ensures that the recipient lands on the top and not the bottom of the box.

Step 5: Fold the paper. The next step is to fold the paper around the box. Afterwards, you fold each side one at a time. Remember to fold the corners to a triangle then add tape.

Step 6: Add the final touch. Ribbons and cards make the finale. Make sure to write the perfect message to make it even more special.

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