How Web Design Builds Credibility AndTrust

What influences a web user’s criteria in determining whether a site is credible and trustworthy? According to recent researches, web design should send the right message to the user to build the brand’s credibility. A web user gains an impression of the site during the first few seconds of viewing which means focusing on the overall design of the site to build trust.

Web design is composed of different elements that can provide a visitor with a good experience. One of the most frustrating things for a user is complicated navigation. Navigation should be able to guide the visitor from the landing page to checkout to drive leads and conversions. It makes sense to keep navigation simple because not all web users are tech geeks who will appreciate the efforts of the designer. Web users are seeking for information and they want it easy and quick.

Another major component of web design includes both written content and images. Both of these elements have the ability to communicate with your target audience. One of the important things that have to be considered in content is uniqueness because web users do not want to be faced with something they have already seen in other sites. However, too much written content can be boring that is why it is critical to intersperse it with high quality images.

In order to establish a brand, the web designer must consider consistency. The brand that appears in brochures, advertisements and marketing messages must be consistent with the brand used in the website. Existing clients will immediately recognize the brand because they have seen it in your marketing messages. Always remember that a website is a promotional tool as well as powerful venue for customer communication and interaction. Build credibility and you will easily attract new customers.

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