How To Travel To The Similan Islands

The most affordable diving in the world is offered by Thailand. In Phuket, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, there is Similan Island Diving that offers a world-class experience. Tourists will gain the most value for their dollars when they join the day dive trip and experience an adventure in the underwater. The liveaboard diving trips are little bit more expensive but you can enjoy multiple days aboard a boat.

The fastest way to travel to Similan Islands is through plane. There are no direct flights that will bring you to the islands but you can fly to Phuket. There are daily flights from Bangkok to Phuket after which you will take a boat from Chalong or Patong to bring you to the Similan Islands.

The cheapest way to travel to Similan from Bangkok is by bus and taxi boat. You can arrange for a full return journey but travel time will be more than a day. A faster option is to take a bus from Bangkok to Ranong or Khao Lak and from there arrange a boat to the Similan Islands. The trip will most likely take about 13 hours.

However, the best way to travel to the Similan islands is to join a day dive trip or liveaboard boats. The diving trips will not only allow you to dive underwater; you can also snorkel. The day dive starts from early morning to about 6 PM but the experience provided is out of this world. Diving in the Similan Islands is an adventure that is definitely worth the visit to Thailand.

Diving schedules depend on the weather, the season and the number of people who will join the diving trip. It is important to plan ahead if you will be joining a diving trip particularly during peak season because they have become a popular alternative to sightseeing, shopping and night life.

To get the most from Similan Island Diving, try the liveaboard where you get to spend a few days on a boat. The day trips will only offer a short period to experience the breath-taking views of the underwater.

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