How To Improve The Kitchen Through A Mirror Splashback

Many people who are not familiar with mirror splashbacks assume that is just ordinary glass. However, mirror splashback is toughened safety glass that has a special mirror backing. Toughened glass is safe to use in kitchens, bathrooms and offices because it is resistant to heat, corrosion, moisture and vapor. If you are looking for a splashback that looks elegant and sophisticated, the best option is toughened glass in different designs and colours.

One of the advantages of the mirrored splashback is its flexibility. You can use it as replacement for tiles and glass. There are different colours that will easily complement the design and décor of your kitchen, bathroom or office. The fact that mirror is reflective means it can easily create an illusion of more space. The use of mirror as splashback is the best solution for homeowners who prefer an open plan in their homes because of the significantly small space.

It is important to measure the space where the splashback will be installed because you need the exact specification before you make an order. It makes sense to fit cabinetry, power points and fittings before the installation of the splashback. In most instances, the vendor of the splashback will take care of installation using strong industrial adhesives that will secure the splashback to a wall. The installers will make sure that the mirror splashback is securely and completely sealed to prevent the entry of moisture.

There are no specific wall requirements for the installation of the mirrored splashback except that the surface must be smooth without any high spots sticking out. It does not matter if the wall is made from plaster, plasterboard or concrete. The mirrored splashback is completely opaque like other mirrors meaning you won’t be able to see the wall through it.

When considering mirror splashback for your kitchen, make sure of the credibility of the vendor to avoid becoming a victim of low quality glass that has very high iron content. Low iron glass has better quality and colour to help you realize the proper design for your kitchen or bathroom. Since mirrored splashbacks come in different colours, there will always be the exact colour that will match the interiors.

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