How To Get Running Even In Winter

Most people gain pounds during winter. Getting active despite the cold weather is not that easy but the trick is to open the door and take the first step outside. These are some tips to help you go out and chase the cold pavement.

Wear proper shoes

Wearing the right shoes is important for runners, more so during winter. The snow-covered ground is risky and should always be managed with caution. A decent pair of running shoes keeps you secure and balanced. It must be warm and waterproof. Choose a shoe that has extra cushion for added support.


Get the right warmth from your outfit

Having the right layers of clothes is vital in running amidst freezing temperature. The layers give you an opportunity to remove something if you need to. Make sure the layers are enough but not too warm. If complete layers of clothes won’t do, it’s probably not a good idea to run outside.


Indulge on water

Do not neglect water just because it’s cold. It is still vital to stay hydrated even if the temperature is low. Drink water before and after running. Get fueled up with some solids too. It will make you more energized for the routine.

Loosen up before running and cool down after

Have exercises to warm you up before stepping out. This prepares your body for the cold. It will make the chill manageable. Do not forget to cool down after running. You can walk on your way home and do some stretches before entering your door. This will give a chance for your body temperature to go down and your body to gradually shift in resting state.

Wear bright clothes

Running during winter is risky so all precautions must be made. Make sure the top layer you wear is bright, a high visibility running jacket will do. This will make you visible to motorists despite the hazy weather. Evening comes rapidly during winter so it is best to walk out ready. You may also add reflective hat and shoes. Bright colors also affect someone’s mood so it might help you get moving and step out.

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