How To Enjoy The Beautiful And Friendly Island Of La Gomera

When planning for a holiday, one of the decisions you have to make is whether to book accommodations ahead of travel or look for a hotel when you get to your destination. While an online search is very convenient, it can be pretty daunting particularly if you are budget conscious. However, it is risky if you just walk to a hotel upon your arrival because if it is fully booked, you can be turned away with your entire luggage in tow.

If are you planning to visit La Gomera, you can find nice accommodations suitable to every budget. There are a few hotels, private apartments, villas and bungalows that can be booked in advance. La Gomera is relatively small compared to other tourist destinations. It has no large hotel complexes so that it is advisable to book early particularly during peak season.

La Gomera has a sub-tropical climate with hot summers that often last for as long as ten months. The weather is beautiful all year round but the best months to visit La Gomera are during late autumn or spring so that you take advantage of hiking. Hiking is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the island because you will certainly not miss any of its best features. Make sure though to hike with a professional guide who knows all the beautiful spots on the island.

Weather conditions are perfect throughout the year but air and water temperature may be slightly warmer in the northern portion of the islands. During winter, the higher mountains in the center of the island are much cooler than the coast. No matter the season, La Gomera remains to be a perfect holiday destination because it is mostly unspoiled by mass tourism. If your idea is to relax on the beach, the best time to visit is summer with its 12 hours of sunshine. The heat may not always be comfortable but you can be sure to get a nice tan.

Rent Accommodation in La Gomera varies meaning you will always have a place to stay no matter the budget. There are family-run accommodations in quality properties on the island where you can feel a warm and friendly welcome.

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