How To Choose The Best Size For Your Canvas

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right size for your canvas used in DIY, when you are on the process of making your gallery wall or even in the simple choice of frame for the new pictures that you have taken. There are a lot of factors that should be considered because it is not ideal to purchase something that is too big or too small while you may also choose too tall or too wide a frame. Before you go out and hunt for the best frame or canvas, you should decide first on the best size that will be ideal for your space. Here are some of the widely used sizes for canvases.

  • 10” x 8”. These sizes are the most popular when it comes to gallery wall projects, accessory for bookcase or a small desk and in small hallways. The size is versatile that is why it can be used in a number of artwork such as a family photo or a favorite image you found online you can just easily trim to get the right fit.
  • 10” x 14”. This is best for artwork that will be printed matted and will take your project to the next level. This size has enough space that it can be used for photo collage. If you have four 5”x7” photographs, this will fit right into the canvas.
  • 12”x12”. If your photograph is large but your wall space is limited, it is ideal to use this size. The size is best for either a single image printed in a large size or a number of small ones for a collage. Unlock your creativity to make the most of this size.
  • 24”x10”. This shape might look odd but you can do a lot more with this size. This is ideal for unique spaces inside the home such as the headboard on the bedroom, the mantle or at the top of the kitchen stovetop. The canvas will be beautiful to pair with a large family portrait or a panoramic view of the city. You can easily avail of cheap canvas prints and not spend a lot to have a new wall décor at home.

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