How To Buy Pattaya Condo For Sale

If you want to purchase a Pattaya condo for sale but you do not know where to start, here’s a walkthrough of the things you need to do.

  1. Choose a property agent. If you are not a local in Thailand, it would be better for you to look for a property agent who can assist you in communicating with property owners and also in explaining things to you. The agent will help explain which condo s most suitable to your needs and lifestyle and which property will give you more value to your money.
  2. Consult your lawyer. Buying a Pattaya condo for sale requires legalities. You need to sign papers and deposit a sizable amount of mone If you are not familiar with Thai laws, it would be best to have a legal counsel who will represent you and will explain legal matters to you all throughout the process.
  3. Deposit requirements. Depending on the status of the condo, there are realtors that require prospective buyers to make a deposit while the building is still under construction. This will serve as a reservation which ensures that you will have a unit when the construction is completed. Find out if there is a deposit requirement for the unit and the payment scheme for the property in general.
  4. Review the contract. Contracts are important because it is where the inclusions and the limitations of your condo ownership are stated. If there are provisions that you are not resolved or clear, ask the real property agent or your lawyer if the provision involves legal matters. Find out the policies and inherent rules in the building including the obligations and rights that you have as a would-be owner.
  5. Prepare for the turn-over. The last step in buying a Pattaya condo for sale is to prepare for the unit turn-over and finally, the date when you can move in. you might want to visit the building and the unit to do a last-minute check to find out if there are details that you want to clarify or change.

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