Health Insurance Company Ventures Into Content Marketing Highlighting Fathers

Mahlab Media, a content marketing firm, recently developed a digital hub for HBF which is a health insurance company based in Washington. The aim of the content marketing is to create a stronger connection with expectant dads and daddies that are struggling with their new status.

The website is called Direct Advice for Dads with contents that are specifically made to provide helpful information and assistant to the new dad – the other parent.

It is the first time that HBF will be venturing into content marketing and they have been planning this for more than a year already.

According to Andrew Walton, manager of media and communication, HBF desires to create an audience with a target group of individuals which are the new dads. This is because they have found that they are currently in a state of under representation and they are already at the point in their adult life where they might want to consider purchasing a health insurance.

He also said that it is common for individuals to start thinking about health insurance once they have established their own family. Walton added that the initial goal of the content marketing is to create an audience that will have a loyal membership to the company and when it comes to selling it will not be a hard thing to accomplish for them. The product information will be shown as an event when there is a story regarding health insurance.

He revealed that even the branding placed on the site is very discreet. All the contents on the website will be authored by dads who have been through the same experience to make it more realistic and authentic and for the audience to be able to connect because they basically speak the same language. HBF also made it sure that there will be less health related information because there are already a lot of it found online and it is also a way for the health insurer to stand out among the rest.

HBF will keep track of their content marketing and its success through the traffic generated and the repeat visitors as well as the number of subscribers.

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