Don’t Just Buy A Tyre; Make Sure It Fits Your Requirements

During car maintenance, tyres are often overlooked because car owners simply leave all the details to the mechanic. In most cases, the only maintenance work done on tyres is to add air when it is about to go flat or clean them from mud and dirt after driving on unpaved trails. There is a lot to know about tyres because it makes a big difference on the length of their usable life.

The first thing you need to know is the code that can be found on the side of the tyre. The number and letters have a meaning which you should know in case there is a need to replace your tyres. For example, the code may look like this 225/55 R 15 97 W.

225 is the tyre width that is expressed in millimetres. In the example, it means that the tyre is 225 millimetres wide.

55 is the aspect ratio of the tyre’s section height or in layman language, the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the tread width. In the example, the sidewall height is 55% of the tread’s width.

R refers to the internal construction of a tyre or radial type construction. Most tyres today are of radial construction where the plies of tyre cord extend across the casing from the bead.

15 is the inside diameter of the tyre or the rim height. Diameter in the example is expressed in inches.

97 is the maximum load capacity of the tyre or the maximum load that it can carry once it has been inflated to maximum safe pressure.

W is speed rating or the maximum speed that the tyre has been certified to carry a load safely. W also means 270 kilometres per hour. Speed ratings range from A the lowest to Y which is the fastest.

When you buy tyres in Gold Coast, make sure to check the code so that the tyre you will exactly match with your requirements. However, you will always be assisted by a sales person who has the experience and knowledge to help you choose a tyre that will enhance your car’s performance and safety.

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