Dating Advice From The Husband Of A Latina

This article is intended for men who are currently dating a Latina. It might be early on in your relationship and you wonder what things you should know about Latin women in order to be prepared. Latin wives are generally the best. This may come as a bias observation for someone married to a Latina but the following points below will further prove my point.

  • Her body clock is set on LST or Latino Standard Time which means she will always be late an hour from your agreed meeting time. If you are planning to have dinner at 8, make sure to tell her to come at 7 if you wanted her to arrive on time, or close to it. When it is the other way around and you are attending something in the Latin community, you don’t have to rush because you can always arrive late and no one will bother you about it. Dating a Latina means that schedules are flexible and can change at any time without warning.
  • If you are going to meet and she tells you that she is already on her way, be cautious because most of the time it means that she is still in bed and about to get ready for your date.
  • They take dating very seriously thus she will take her time when getting ready. Do not worry though because your will not be in vain when you see her all dolled up for you. One undeniable fact is that red lipsticks look better with Latinas.
  • Do not refer to her as feisty and do not describe her as spicy either. Wait for her to say these words as a sign that you can safely call her those. Also, be aware not to use food as comparison to her because she wouldn’t like it one bit despite being a good cook and eater.
  • Do not be surprised if you meet her family after a few dates. This is common in Latin culture because they wanted to see if they are Latin wives material to the person they are introducing to their relatives.

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