Common Yoga Mistakes That Beginners Often Make

Mistakes are there to help people learn. If you’re not learning from your mistakes then something is clearly wrong. The same goes in yoga. Remember even the most skillful of yogis have had to make and learn from their mistakes to get to the level they are now. Yoga can be hard but it is also rewarding. In the long run, the benefits would make the experience worthwhile. You are not just bettering your body you are also improving your life in all aspects. Yoga can have profound effects on both the mind and body but in order to achieve these benefits, you must persist, be patient and be consistent in your practice. When you make mistakes, strive to learn from them.

For beginners, mistakes are a common thing. But as they move on and progress, they’ll be able to improve on their practice. Here are some of the most common yoga mistakes that most beginners commit.

  1. Keeping their shoes on. Yes, on your first day of class you may want to look your best and look good. People always want to impress people. Above all that, they want to impress themselves. But with yoga, seeing as you’d have less clothing options to choose from that would impress other people you’d most likely focus on your shoes. The problem is, in yoga, there is a strict ‘no shoe’ rule. When practicing yoga, you’d eventually learn that you have to have your arms, feet and body on the floor at varying times. So before you join the class, make sure you’ve hidden you shoes away for safekeeping.
  2. Keeping their cell phones on. Cell phones can be very distractive, not only for you but for the entire class. As much as possible, do not bring your cell phones to class. If not, try to hide it in your bag and put it on silent mode.
  3. Wearing baggy or loose clothing. Tighter clothes are actually better in yoga as there are lots of room open for accidents with baggy clothing.
  4. It’s not good for your self esteem to compare yourself with other people in the class. You may not be as good as some others in the class, but you’ll get there sooner or later so don’t worry about how you’ll look when practicing, worry about how you’ll perform.
  5. Grabbing all the attention. Yes, there are attention whores even in Chiang Mai yoga. So instead of getting the limelight, why not focus on your breathing or meditation? That’ll help clear your mind and possibly cleanse your spirit.

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