Cleanse, Moisturize AndExfoliate Your Skin The Right Way

People tend to focus a lot on their physical aspects and when it comes to the physical, nothing could be more physical than the skin. Occupying the largest area in the body, the skin plays an important role in protection, regulation and sensation. Because of this, it is only right that you take care of your skin. When you care for your skin, the first thing you would have to do is to determine your skin type because how you care for your skin would have to depend on the type of skin you have. Your skin could either be oily, normal/combination, dry, sensitive or even sun-damaged. Most people have combination skin, meaning some of the skin is oily and other parts of it are dry. Once you know what skin type you have you can then begin to care for your skin.


For cleansing, the first step would be to find a good cleanser. A good cleanser would have to be one that responds to your skin in a positive way. Once you find a good cleanser, you need to stick to it. Cleansers can be bought at a drugstore and they don’t have to be expensive to be effective. However, you should avoid using bar soaps because they can cause the skin to dry.

Do not cleanse your skin too often because you may over cleanse it. According to the experts, you only need to cleanse your face at night to remove the makeup and avoid clogging. In the morning, a simple splash of lukewarm water would suffice.


Most people tend to skip exfoliating their skin but if you do it properly, the effects are almost immediate. For exfoliation, you should know that the frequency would have to depend on your skin as there is no way to actually telling how many times you need to exfoliate your skin. There are a number of exfoliating options you can take such as chemical peel, facial scrub, washcloth, microdermabrasion, or retinoids.


Moisturizing is a must for dry skin. How much you should moisturize would depend on the dryness of your skin. When your skin is too tight, then it is definitely screaming for moisture. You should invest on a good moisturizer and avoid over moisturizing your skin because they can clog.

Also, it would do your skin well if you opt for natural skin care products because they are less harmful and use little to no chemical ingredients.

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