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Thai Healthcare Tips For Expats From Expats

Thailand is a big destination, attracting both tourists and immigrants from across the world. Lots of expats have travelled into the country, and more are coming into the country. For those many expats are, of course, considering how they’ll live there, and how they’ll get health insurance in Thailand for their life there.

If you’re one of these expats, here are some tips from other expats to help you along.

Where to go for your medical needs?

First things first, before you get health insurance in Thailand, know the places you’ll be needing to use them in; the hospitals. If you’re in Bangkok, expats will recommend either the St. Louis Hospital or Bumrungrad, the latter known to be one of the world’s Top 10 hospitals, while featuring medical care that’s fairly cheap in comparison to a country like the US. If you’re not in the capital both public hospitals and private ones offer you good options, and for less than serious issues, street clinics dot the map.

Finding a doctor.

Expat advice on the matter says to treat finding a doctor same way you’d hire a plumber or an electrician; prioritize safety, compare prices for whatever it is you need from different sources, and do some research. For hospitals, consultations are always an option as they’re not too expensive. When choosing private or public hospitals, they say, private’s advantage is that it’s faster and has less waiting time, with no particular mention on the difference of quality, if there was any present.

Prescription Medicines.

For prescription medication, Thailand has them available in drug stores and hospitals. For someone coming into the country, should they need medication, expats recommend to bring their prescription along with them, and bring that to a hospital in the country, which will then allow them to purchase their needed medication in the country, bypassing the hassle of having to order from abroad. Standard procedure with medications apply following that, such as regular checkups to make sure everything’s in order, that sort of thing. This is good news if you need medications, as Thailand law only allows one month’s worth of prescription medicine can be brought in the country.

CRM: Beneficial Way Of How To Improve Insurance Sales

Whether you work as a customer care agent in a BPO company or a sales personnel inside a department store, one of the many responsibilities that fall under your job description is to make sure that every inquiry that is made by customers, either in personal or by phone or even email, is responded to accordingly at the soonest possible time. Why? These customers are the main reason why you have a high-paying job in the first place. These loyal, diligently-paying customers are the reason why your company, regardless of the size in financial capability and kind, is enjoying a superb amount of success as of late. That’s why it’s extremely important that whoever is in the frontline of things, meaning the ones who are talking to the clients themselves, are professionally trained on how to talk with potential clients and moreover, they should also be trained on how to deal with extremely difficult situation such as the one involving a very angry client who turns out disappointed with the service he received. This is applicable to every industry in the world, most especially to the insurance industry where agents should always satisfy the needs of their clients and not just focusing on finding ways on how to improve insurance sales.


In the insurance business, one of the commonly-employed ways on how to improve insurance sales is using the customer relationship management or CRM and it has been proven beneficial in terms of increasing the sales number of a struggling insurance sales agent. Below are the benefits of using CRM:

  • There’s a significant improvements in the efficiency of the interaction between the agent and the customer at hand. Better interaction means higher probability of successful sales.
  • CRM system that is properly devised can be very much helpful in having a better and more systematic data management. With this system, you can now have access to a centralized database where you can input everything from sales data, agency statistics, client information, client history, among other data that are needed to be inputted. This is also efficient because you will only need to access one database for everything.