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Types Of Oak Cabinets For Bathrooms

Bathroom cabinets are available in a lot of models to suit the design themes of different homes. These cabinets are available in different materials like stainless steel, aluminum, wooden and glass cabinets.

The most preferred wood cabinets are oak bathroom cabinets. Oak cabinets are expensive because most of them are imported. The long durability and less maintenance required for oak furniture, makes it a wise investment. Oak cabinets integrate very easily with other design elements in the room and give a clean contemporary look. These cabinets are strong and can bear weight. Oak cabinets look better with age and are relatively scratch and stain resistant.

There are different models available in oak bathroom cabinets like:

  • Independent wall hanging cabinet – This type of cabinet is suitable for small bathrooms. The cabinet is small and has space for everyday essentials.  This wall hanging cabinet makes the bathroom appear bigger by freeing up the tile space, which can be used for other purposes. I prefer to match this cabinet with a mirrored cupboard on top with open racks.
  • Double door cabinet – This type of cabinet is comparatively big with two doors. It is suitable for master bathrooms with large space. These cabinets provide aesthetic look to your bathroom. They provide enough space to store all your toiletries and bathroom linen.
  • Two door, two drawer cabinets – These cabinets are big and are suitable for large bathrooms. They have two doors and two drawers to organize all your essentials neatly. The drawers can be used for toiletries, while the cupboard can be used for towels and linen.
  • Double sink modular vanity units – This type of cabinet is very big and generally suitable for places which have large bathrooms. The vanity unit has two under mount sinks with a cabinet below. These modular units have a mix of doors and drawers and look very stylish.

These are the major categories in oak bathroom cabinets. Apart from them, there are many other cabinets and vanity units like corner units for very small bathrooms and mirrored cabinets. The choice of cabinet depends upon the size of the bathroom, the overall décor and the budget.

Reasons to Have Frameless Glass Door for your Shower

I think the design of the shower door is an important aspect to consider while designing or remodeling a bathroom. The shower cubicle plays an important role in the aesthetics of the bathroom. Having glass doors to the shower cubicle is the trend in most places. They not only look stylish but also make the bathroom appear bigger.

Frameless Glass doors for shower cubicles are gaining popularity in recent times. These doors do not have the frame or rubber seal to hold the glass in place. They are attached to the Shower wall and tiles with a small hinges. This makes them look better when compared to framed glass doors. Frameless doors look contemporary and are usually custom made to suit the measurements of the Shower. These doors are ideal to Show- off the fancy shower or stylish shower tiles. These frameless doors also give a clean and minimalistic look to the Shower.

Maintenance of these frameless shower doors is easy. These doors do not have rubber seals or frames where water tends to collect. Hence, the risk of Mold and Mildew developing on the door is less, as water does not collect anywhere near the door. Cleaning the door is also easy.  Just wipe the door with a squeegee to make it clean and fresh.

While frameless doors look modern and fresh and make the Shower appear like a fish tank, there are some problems as well. These doors cost way more when compared to framed doors, increasing the remodeling expenditure. Since these doors do not have any protective frames to hold them, they weigh much and require costly hardware like heavy brass to keep them in place. Though they are more aesthetic, they lag behind in functionality. Since they do not have any frame to stop the water from leaking, these doors might result in the bathroom getting wet from the leaked shower water, if they are not properly installed. The instances of breakage are also more in these types of doors. Since most of the frameless doors are made in tempered Glass, they shatter into small pieces when they break.

Considering both the advantages and disadvantages of installing frameless glass doors for showers, I can say that these doors are definitely a worthy investment to enhance the aesthetics looks of the bathroom and also for safety. However make sure to get them from reputable suppliers who will install the doors with extreme care and caution.

Creating A Better Workplace With Aesthetic Environment

The environment of the workplace has an impact on the mood, drive and performance of employees. A dreary and depressing office setting can reduce the motivation and confidence. To improve employee engagement, the best solution is officefitouts in Canberra that will maximize the use of space while creating an excellent visual appeal.

According to Mike Canarelli, CEO and co-founder of Web Talent Marketing, a clean, beautiful and comfortable office can have a tremendous effect on the relationships between workers and managers. Even if the sun cannot shine in the workplace, a relaxing atmosphere in the workplace can be created through comfortable furniture, quality work equipment and a few extra-mile amenities.

Workers must enjoy the flexibility of being able to work anywhere they are more comfortable. They must have the choice whether to sit or stand. Employees who consider their chairs as “bad” are more likely to become less productive. When employees are given a specific place to perform their work, they must be allowed to customize the area with plants or purchase things like exercise balls. Josh Turner, CEO of user feedback platform, UsersThink says that everyone thinks differently and employees must be given the opportunity to create their own setups.

Lighting plays a vital role in employee productivity and performance. Exposure to natural light can improve mood and energy. However, not all office workers can enjoy natural light because of the absence of windows in their area. Blue-enriched lights can be an option to natural light because it reduces fatigue while increasing happiness. Blue-enriched lights must be used in brainstorming rooms, at the meeting and break rooms and conference rooms.

In terms of colour themes, warmer colours can be used in meeting and break rooms for calmness and relaxation while middle tones are more appropriate to the conference room to keep employees alert.

Operational efficiency, employee productivity and environmental aesthetics can be improved substantially through office fitouts in Canberra for an affordable price. The workplace is essentially the second home of employees; make them comfortable while working efficiently. A professional design team can transform the workplace and maximize the use of space.

4 Office Furniture Items That Are Must-Haves In Your Office Space

When a few people come together with an idea and try to create it into a company, they usually start small. Take Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs when they started out. They started their company in in an informal office constructed in Steve Jobs’ garage. Although this great pioneer had the foresight to see Apple become such a huge hit, he unfortunately failed to see the importance of a well-built and well-decorated office space. The space in a garage might suffice for just those two members who were starting a company back in the 1960s but in this day and age such a space definitely will not be turning any eyes, be it either investors’ eyes or the eyes of new employees.

Therefore I have created a list of 4 of the most important items of office furniture in Auckland that are necessary to ensure that the office space is at its functional peak, while having the ability to draw the gaze of investors and employees alike.

  • Attractive workstations: No employee would like to work at a drab black and white cubicle with no space or attitude for personalization. Studies have shown that happier employees are able to work better due to their environment and surroundings. Hence, it is recommended to get desks and workstations that allow for a lot of personalization and that afford a lot of space to the employee.
  • Economical storage solutions: Most digital companies today choose to store their servers in a separate room. However, smaller companies must look for lucrative ways of accommodating their electronics within the space where they work. To solve this problem appropriately sized storage cabinets, in the form of drawers, wall cabinets, and ceiling cabinets must be bought and assembled.
  • Reception areas: No office is complete without the customary reception desk and an appropriate receptionist calling out orders to service staff. The reception area will surely be able to reduce the tension and stress of employees and customers as they walk into the office.
  • Collaborative areas: Of all the items of office furniture in Auckland, this is possibly one of the most important. Newer, more important discoveries are being made in research when teams from different disciplines collaborate with each other towards a singular end goal. When applied to office spaces a similar effect can be gleaned by putting people from different departments into the same room.