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Where To Enjoy Lunch Buffet In Bangkok

The best places to have a lunch buffet in Bangkok are the restaurants found in five-star hotels, especially those along the banks of the Chao Phra River. Most of these hotels offer free boats which make you cross the river. There is also the sky train available from Sukhumvit to Taksin Jetty which goes along the Mandarin Oriental and the Shangri-La hotels.

If you like to dine at the Shangri-La, you can drop by Angelinin which serves delicious seafood. The menu served offers Roman food, with Italian cuisines added with flavors, making it taste like Mediterranean. For starters they serve items ranging from squid ink risotto to buffalo mozzarella. In the main course, you can have prosciutto pizza and yellow fin tuna panini. Finish your lunch with a luscious amaretto chocolate pudding. The restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

On the Charoennakorn Road is Marriott Resort and Spa. It has a popular restaurant named Benihana, which serves luscious Japanese food. The meals are cooked by renowned Japanese chefs who love to show off what they know in front of the customers. It’s really a wonderful meal to enjoy while the food is cooked before you.

On the Oriental Avenue is the Mandarin Hotel with its famous restaurant the La Normandie. The meals served here are delicious and tastes like French homemade food. Popular cuisines served here are pork belly casserole with garlic confit and duck as well as the meat pie. This is also something worth trying for.

Also on the Charoennakorn Road is the Mei Jang Restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel. It’s a famous restaurant serving Chinese cuisines with leading dishes like the barbecued duck along with the jelly fish salad, lobster, stir fried egg noodles and abalone fried rice. The restaurant is open for lunch between 11:30 a.m. till 2:30 p.m.

The restaurant found in Arun Residence on Maharah Road offers stir fried noodles along with shrimp, mushrooms, fresh spring rolls and tom young goong. This is something never to miss if you prefer eating local Thai cuisines.

There are still more restaurants by the riverside that serve lunch buffet in Bangkok, so choose your preferred gastronomy and you’ll surely fill your hungry stomachs.

Tips In Hiring A Wedding Caterer

If you want your wedding feast to be the best, you need to choose among the best wedding caterers in Sydney that will be able to deliver what you want within your budget. How do you find a wedding caterer? Here are some tips:

  • The first thing you should do is to find one. You can ask for referrals from friends you know who recently got married.
  • You can also search online for local wedding caterers in Sydney. The best websites to look for are wedding websites in your local area as they have directories of the wedding caterers.
  • If your venue is in a hotel of or country clubs or even large facilities, chances are they have their own wedding caterers they contact for every event. You don’t have to find one but choose among their list of professional caterers.
  • You can also try your favourite restaurant and ask if they are catering for a wedding. If they do not cater, they may be able to suggests other restaurants that does catering for wedding events.
  • Other wedding suppliers you have such as the designer, florists or photographers may know a good company that does catering especially if they have been working in the industry for quite a while.
  • As you make an appointment, it would be ideal to have the tastings as well during the interview. While you want your caterer to have a good personality, having a taste of their food is also very important.
  • Upon leaving, do not be contented with having their business card but instead have them write up a summary of the details such as the cost per person, the inclusion of the fees, feasts themes and menu options, service and style in presentations as well as alternatives that will fit your budget.
  • Search for reviews or references online before deciding on a specific company. You should also make sure that you are dealing with legitimate wedding caterers in Sydney so check if they are listed as legal company.

The Proper Ethics For Afternoon Tea In Ho Chi Minh City

Holding an afternoon tea party is traditionally a thing known to the Brits which started as early as the 1840’s. It’s basically a tea-related ritual that has evolved over time and it’s now a mini-meal to mellow down the hunger and prepare your tummy for the 8PMevening meal. A typical afternoon tea meal is composed of sandwiches that are cut into bite sizes, sweet pastries and cakes. Nowadays, you can have your usual afternoon tea in Ho Chi Minh City especially if you are staying at hotels which offer afternoon tea meals. You see, even afternoon tea is a British tradition, it has been reaching other parts of the world, specifically in the cuisine-enriched Asian nations such as Vietnam. Afternoon tea in Ho Chi Minh City is a must try for vacationists because it will give you an afternoon tea experience just like how the old Brits did it in the good old days.

Whenever a friend of yours from Ho Chi Minh City invited you and your family over for a blissful afternoon tea in Ho Chi Minh City, there are ethical standards that you must remember. Below are some of them:

  • You must follow the dress code for the event when the afternoon tea is being served. This is important especially if you’re invited to a formal event. Nowadays, dress code for afternoon tea events is commonly casual so you don’t need to wear those heavy coats or fancy dresses.
  • Understand the terminologies used to define words in afternoon tea events. Terms such as cream tea, afternoon tea, high tea, royal tea all have distinctive meanings so make sure to Google about them before heading for the event.
  • One thing you must not do when attending afternoon tea events is dunking any kind of biscuits into your tea. Sure, you are free to do so when you are doing it in your home but when during afternoon tea events, it’s not acceptable.
  • One good thing you can do is to know which should come first, whether it’s cream or jam. According to the Brits, cream should go first before then the jam.

The Makings of a Great Restaurant

Restaurants have existed for quite a while now. It has been said that restaurants first graced the earth at the time of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. However, it was in the 18th century in Paris when the first modern restaurant was born into this world. Unfortunately though, these restaurants were considered as having a dirty environment as well as serving dubious food. But like all things, these restaurants developed into the kind of restaurants that people now see today. Lots of improvements have been made and soon, people were coming in and out.

But with countless of restaurants out there, it can be quite hard to find a good restaurants. Not all restaurants provide high quality services and food. What makes a good restaurant? How will you know if a restaurant is good and why you should eat there?

Obviously, the food is what makes the restaurant but there are a few factors that you should be considering as well such as the location, the type, the seating and how far apart the tables are and lastly is the service and the staff.

Nowadays, restaurants should be attractive and appealing enough to want people to go there. Sometimes, the best restaurants are those that have been recommended by the people you know. Remember that restaurant your brother had mentioned the week before? Try to go for restaurants that your friends or family have already eaten at.

But what if you are away on a trip abroad? Who should you call for help? The best thing to do is to go to the busiest places, especially those where the locals are. You never know what you can find by following the locals. Who knows? You could probably stumble into the best Indian restaurant in Perth or something?

There are some restaurants that seem to have a habit of placing tables too close to each other in order to acquire mo diners. Try to avoid these kinds of restaurants. Also, you should always check on the menu of a particular restaurant. If they serve too much food, they are probably serving bought in food.

A great restaurant should be located at a place with a lot of people, offering quality service and one that cooks their own food.

Exploring Tokyo on Foot


The best part of traveling is opening your heart and mind to new experiences. You will meet different people and you will experience various cultures. Travelling however can also become a challenge because you have to ensure that you do not get lost during your tour around a city.

I arrived in Japan on a Friday afternoon and after the long flight I was just too eager to get out of the airport and experience the city of Tokyo. My friend James was patiently waiting for me and we quickly got out of the overcrowded airport to take a bus to where he lives. All around us were thousands of cars and people and it was simply overwhelming.

James accompanied me on the tour around the city. I don’t think I am prepared to face the challenge of visiting Tokyo alone because I would surely get lost in the huge crowd. We walked to the Imperial Gardens and then to the Ginza Shopping Market where we ate a late breakfast at a tiny Ramen Noodle restaurant that tasted authentically Japan.

From there we took a bus to the other side of Tokyo that looks almost like New York Times Square at its busiest. There we met with some of James friends so that we can try the hundreds of vending machines that we found in almost every corner of the arcade. We also tried some of the video games and paid for an hour at a private karaoke booth.

Afterwards, we ate at one of restaurants that serve authentic Japanese cuisine. The meal was typical Japanese with sushi, oysters, rice with miso soup and tempura. Without much hesitation, I grabbed my chopsticks and started on the sushi. It tastes different from the sushi served in Japanese restaurants back home.