Caring For Sterling Silver Cremation Jewellery

Cremation jewellery is becoming a popular keepsake for those that lost their loved ones. This is a meaningful way to keep someone close to one’s heart, with each piece holding a small amount of cremains for an heirloom tribute and memorial.
And, sterling silver is the top choice for most people in terms of cremation jewellery. It is almost pure, listed generally as 93%. An appealing attribute of sterling silver is the way it ages.

If you are considering sterling silver for a cremation jewellery and wonder how to care for it, this is a guide.

Jewellery care for silver sterling

Wearing the jewellery

Wearing the jewellery is the best step in order to prevent it from tarnishing. This is because the skin’s natural oils are going to work on the sterling silver in order to clean it and keep it looking new and shiny.

Not wearing the jewellery

Do not wear the jewellery if doing chores that involve chemicals like cleaning supplies. Soap even affects sterling silver. So, it is best if you take it off if you are washing dishes, cleaning, swimming or bathing. Rubber gloves, cleaning chemicals, chlorine pool water and those that contain sulphur are going to lead to corrosion and are going to tarnish the jewellery.

Putting it on last

There are also other substances that are going to tarnish the sterling silver jewellery, such as lotions, cosmetics and sprays like sunscreen, hairspray or insect repellent. So, be sure to put on the jewellery last.

Storing it properly

When you are not wearing the jewellery, make sure to put pieces separately inside a plastic bag, an air tight one like a Ziploc, as this prevents air from tarnishing them, and the separate storage is going to prevent them from scratching one another.

If you want to keep it in a box or a case, make sure that the area for storage has low humidity. You can place a packet of silica gel to prevent moisture.

Summing up

Caring for your jewellery also entails regular polishing and asking for professional help if needed, aside from those mentioned above. For any Cremation jewellery in Perth, it really needs to be cared for especially since this is an important keepsake that is worth every cost.

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