Buying Vs Renting Tailored Suit Thailand

Every now and then, you would need a tailored suit Thailand for various occasions. It could be your wedding, a corporate event, a formal family affair and many others. No matter what the occasion is, it is important that you arrive well dressed for the occasion. It is not a question whether you are going to wear a tux or a suit or not but it is a matter of whether you are going to buy or rent the suit. To arrive at the best decision, take a look at both ideas.

Renting pros

  • More affordable. Renting a suit can amount to $99-$150 so it is a whole lot easier on the pocket compared to buying a brand new tailored suit Thailand which can amount to $300-$500. If you are just going to use the suit for a single use and you are working on a budget, it would be more practical to rent a suit instead.
  • No obligations. When you rent a suit, you no longer have to think about washing the suit or where you are going to keep the suit to keep it in perfect condition.
  • Can be had instantly. Renting suits is perfect for last minute decisions like something went wrong with your ordered suit.

Buying pros

  • Suits perfect on you. The good thing about having a custom made suit is that you can be sure that it will fit perfectly on you because it was made specifically for you. Forget about the hassles of worrying about wearing an awkward suit when you can have something made especially for you.
  • You can wear it again. When you have a suit made for you, you can wear it again in different occasion. This way, you may spend higher upfront for the purchase but if you won’t have to buy another suit on your next occasion that would mean you would save money in the long run.
  • More choices. A tailored suit Thailand from a tailoring shop allows you to choose from countless designs and you can even customize the style to fit your preference.


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