Boilers: Definition And Classification Of Uses


Before you hire someone to conduct boiler repairs by plumbers in Norwich, you should first get to know more about your boilers. Boilers were not just custom-built for your home or business; they are there for a reason, reasons that would mostly benefit you.


Well, boilers can be defined as systems that are designed to produce heat or energy by heating up air or water. Basically, boilers are both simple and complex at the same time. When you understand the concept of boilers, what it’s for and how it works, then you might say that boilers are pretty simple mechanical devices. But at the same time, boilers are complicated in the way it is built, its purpose and functions.

To generalize this in a more simplified explanation, boilers are composed of an enclosed container and inside these containers; heat will be applied to water which would then convert into steam. They are called boilers because water needs to be ‘boiled’ and made into steam.


Boilers can be classified by where it will be used. Boiler classifications differ from boiler types because the latter describes boilers through their composition while the former classifies the boilers from where they are used.

Combi Boilers are mostly used in smaller houses or buildings. These boilers are basically much easier to install because there are only a few parts that are required for this. Combi boilers will allow the passage of hot water when it is needed. Unfortunately, when one accesses several water taps at the same time, it may not function effectively.


Another classification of boilers is the Conventional Boiler. Unlike a combi boiler, the conventional boiler will allow you to access several taps at once. Unfortunately, this boiler would also need to have a cylindrical tank for hot water and a cold water tank. Usually this type of boiler is great for larger houses.


There is another classification of boilers called the System Boiler. The system boiler functions like a conventional boiler although the parts it needs, like the cold water tank, should be inside the boiler itself. This boiler is also good for larger houses or establishments.


Other classifications would include the boilers that function with a different fuel source such as electrical, gas and oil; although, these classifications are a topic for another day.

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